This is NOT an easy hiking trail!! The trail has a few big and steep inclines/declines, some moderate to difficult rock scrambling and rocky paths. Extensive use of hands is required. The paths are on some steep grounds and sometimes near the edge of small cliffs. Those with a fear of heights might feel uncomfortable. Significant sustained physical exertion will be experienced and moderate to high levels of fitness are a prerequisite to complete the KHHT.

Feed-back points from 2016. Very good mix of the trial, you hike in kloofs but

also on top of hills with fanatstic views. Game viewing is fairly good and also birds  along the river bed. Hikers hiking in april mentioned the heat between 12.00 and 15.00 i.o.w start your hike early and take enough water minimum 3 to 3.5 ltr per day. In the long stretch  of 21 km fresh water is supplied at Compessor Outpost. Hikers enjoyed especially the food and especially the game meat from the farmers. Some back pack hikers said next time they would do the slack pack as you have less to carry and you can enjoy the hike and nature more.


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